About Art-Holics

At Art-Holics, we believe in creating unique experiences for all of our customers. We offer subscriptions that let you enjoy life and receive sweet surprises more often. You save money and time, which simplifies your life and allows you to do more of the things you love. Learn more about our offerings and sign up today.

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By Artists, For Artists

At Art-Holics, creativity is our element. It’s our comfort zone. It’s what bonds us as friends, co-creators, and business partners. Art-Holics was founded by a small but dedicated team of art students whose backgrounds range from music to digital media. While we come from a variety of perspectives and expertise, we have the same passion and dedication for the creative process. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that art does not and should not have limits. Art is an experience that everybody should enjoy, regardless of age, background, or profession. In creating Art-Holics, we wanted to provide something that friends and families could enjoy together while learning about themselves in the process.

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From Design to Execution

Each monthly art project is designed, curated, sourced, and packed by our team at Art-Holics. We use our various skillsets to keep the projects fun, fresh, and diverse so every time our customers open their box, they can feel excited and ready to begin. We hope that as we spread the joys of art and creativity to households everywhere, that people feel happier and more creative on a regular basis. Afterall, there’s no place like the studio. Now, we bring the studio to your house.